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Doble Releases Next Generation of DTAOffice Software

Doble Engineering Company has released DTAWeb, the next generation of DTAOffice software for the analysis of Doble field test results.

Available only to Doble clients using the Doble Test Assistant (DTA) Field System and Software, DTAWeb saves time and improves efficiency with: advanced editing and merging functions; analysis tools for evaluating and comparing test results against Doble Limit files; and a remote, Doble-hosted database with “one-click” back-up.

“Now users can load, edit, analyze, archive, and export DTAField data online, securely and more efficiently than ever,” said Robert Woodward, product manager, Doble Engineering Company. “Best of all, they no longer have to maintain their own server and database – which means they can spend their time much more productively.”

The new DTAWeb software lets users maintain a cleaner database with advanced editing and merging capabilities, identify deteriorating equipment more easily with enhanced analysis tools, and streamline their entire data management system.

The product is currently available only to Doble clients with a current Doble Test Assistant (DTA) license.

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