Doble Engineering Co. to Address Critical Power Infrastructure Challenges in South Korea

Growing demand for reliable electric power across Asia-Pacific is putting the spotlight on existing infrastructure, and underscoring the need for continuous monitoring and maintenance of the power grid and its assets.

Electric power experts from around the world came together in Seoul, South Korea, to discuss the state of the power industry and the delivery of energy throughout the region. Anthony McGrail, Solutions Manager at Doble Engineering Co., presented "Asset Management: Power Transformer Fleet Condition" on Aug. 26 at the symposium. His presentation helped attendees understand the importance of maintaining and assessing the health of transformers, and highlight best practices for creating intervention plans.

The pressure on existing power infrastructure is at an all-time high. Energy consumption is increasing at more than double the projected rate in South Korea, according to the Korea Energy Economics Institute -- in part a result of the country's strong economic growth, as reported by the BBC. All these factors, combined with recent weather-related events, greatly impact the need to have the tools and knowledge to maintain and mange a safe and dependable power grid infrastructure.

"Economic growth in South Korea is moving incredibly fast, and the demand for safe, reliable power is climbing right alongside," said Sung Am Kim, General Manager and Head of KEPCO's Substation Team within the Transmission Department a Doble customer for more than 24 years. "We use diagnostic tools like Doble's M4100 Tester and the F-Series Protection testing solutions to adhere to compliance standards, maintain our infrastructure and meet the needs of our customers."


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