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Distribution Proximity Voltage Detector is Non-Contact

Distribution Proximity Voltage Detector is Non-Contact

HDE's new PRX-69D Distribution Proximity Voltage Detector complements its PRX-500 launched last year. The PRX-69D is a non-contact detector with seven standard voltage ranges from 120 V to 69 kV. When voltage is detected, the PRX gives an audible and visual indication with a typical detection distance of 10 inches. The PRX has the ability to detect voltage on most elbow test points at the 120 V setting. With a rechargeable internal battery, the PRX can be charged quickly from 12 VDC automotive outlets or from 115-240 VAC.

Features include:

  • Seven standard distribution voltage ranges from 120 VAC up to 69 kVAC
  • Rechargeable battery with quick recharge - if battery is low, a quick 15 minute charge provides over one full day of use
  • Detects voltages typically 10" or greater from source and most elbow test points
  • Weighs less than 1 pound
  • Loud beeper and LED lights indicate voltage
  • A full charge takes only 3 hours and gives 1 week of continuous use
  • Can be used on 50Hz and 60Hz systems

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