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Dissolved Gas Analyzer Offers Online Condition Monitoring

Doble Engineering Co. has introduced the Doble Delphi, a dissolved gas analysis (DGA) instrument for the continuous monitoring of dissolved gases in oil, one of the first indicators of deterioration in power transformers.

Doble Delphi delivers critical information in real-time, providing substation engineers with intelligent alerts and trend analysis to aid in the management of high-value assets.

The Delphi is a rugged device designed to withstand the harsh environment of a substation while intelligently tracking the byproducts of deterioration. The device is available as a hydrogen monitor or composite gas monitor and can be mounted directly to a transformer valve. It uses fuel cell technology and optional micro-pump circulation for accurate measurements with easy to read alarms that appear on the Delphi display and computer software. The Doble Delphi comes with the option to measure moisture in oil.

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