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Direct-Connected KWH Meter has Max Input of 100 A

Tyco Electronics has launched a higher rated version of its Crompton Instruments three-phase module direct-connected kilowatt hour energy meter. The DRK-3P-400-D90 now has a maximum input of 100A, matching the current ratings of distribution boards.

Requiring no maintenance, the DRK-3P-400-D90 ensures that systems remain balanced and safe. This highly efficient meter is easily installed as the load cable is passed vertically through the case facilitating direct connection. The new device also features an illuminated LCD display, non-zeroing total counter and partial zeroing counter.

The direct connected kWh meters are highly accurate, easy to read and available in a space-saving package without a need to install separate CTs. Technical details include: class 1 accuracy in accordance with CEI-EN 62053-21; nominal input voltage of 3 x 230VAC L-N (400VAC L-L); with an opto-isolated pulsed output. Devices are compliant with IEC EN62052-11, IEC EN62053-21 (2003-03), EMC and LVD standards.

Main applications include switchgear, distribution systems, generator sets and control panels. Additionally, the device can also be used for energy management, building management, utility power monitoring, process control and secondary metering applications.

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