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Dielectric, Oil-Resistant Optical Connector for Use In Oil-Filled, Dry-Type Transformers

Neoptix Fiber Optic Sensors has introduced a dielectric connector that is compatible with a broad range of chemicals and that can be used under high electrical fields.

The Neoptix dielectric connector is intended for permanent installations inside oil-filled or dry-type transformers with complete compatibility to high-energy fields such as encountered in transformer windings. The connector is also resistant to vapor phase and heat-run tests.

Completely made out of dielectric material, this connector is primarily intended for use inside experimental transformers or for in-field repairs of broken fiber optic temperature sensor cables. This connector has no moving parts and no epoxy or adhesive is necessary to hold it latched. Its rugged construction makes it resistant to shunt and vibrations normally present in large transformers.

This new type of connector, as with standard optical connectors, allows multiple connections and disconnections. It can be assembled using standard ST-type connector polishing procedures.

The dielectric connector is available immediately as an option for the T2 model of fiber optic temperature probe and for the optical patchcord for oil filled transformer.

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