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Dickson Expands On-Site Monitoring Technology Consultation Services

U.S. users of multiple environmental monitoring instruments can now receive in-person consultations with Dickson experts in monitoring technology to facilitate making best-match technology acquisitions.

Dickson, which offers data loggers and chart recorders to monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, or electronic signals, created this service to help organizations with needs to capture critical data keep up-to-date with rapidly changing options in monitoring technology.

Chris Sorensen, Dickson VP sales and marketing, comments, “Most users of monitoring technology are coping with one or another set of regulatory requirements—FDA, USDA, Joint Commission, or ISO quality standards. Users have to navigate which monitoring instruments enable regulatory compliance with the minimum of upkeep and maintenance requirements is an ever shifting landscape. For example, reliable wireless monitoring instruments were not suited for hospital environments a few years ago but now they are. Our trained technology consultants will be dedicated to learning about each user’s unique and changing needs and how to best meet them.”

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