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Device Warns of Dissolved Hydrogen, Moisture in Transformers

The H2 Alert+ is Vigilant Power’s next-generation on-line transformer dissolved hydrogen and moisture warning device that will alert substation and power plant personnel to developing fault conditions within their transformers.

“Transformer asset managers are telling us that they need reliable, accurate, cost effective monitoring systems that work over the long haul and don’t require more maintenance than the transformer they are monitoring.” said Jerry King, co-founder and chief technology architect for Vigilant Power Technologies Inc. “Transformer monitoring systems should be 'set and forget.' Once you install the system the only time you should have to deal with it, is when an alert threshold is exceeded and you see an alarm signal, a SMS or email. The H2 Alert+ does just that, along with providing trending information that allows utility engineers to plan a more extensive diagnostic program once a problem is indicated.”

The H2 Alert+ is a cost-effective warning device that indicates the level of hydrogen dissolved in the transformer oil, the relative saturation of water in the transformer oil, ambient temperature and tank pressure. The unit can also indicate the transformer load and transformer oil temperature as options. The sample rate can be adjusted between three times an hour to once per day.

“The H2 Alert+ is a great entry level device to begin your transformer monitoring program” said Yvonne Taylor, co-founder and president of Vigilant Power Technologies Inc. “The attractive initial cost, easy installation, low cost of ownership and ease of use allows utilities to place these devices almost anywhere. Compared with manual DGA techniques, on-line monitoring provides accurate and timely information on the health of the transformer.”

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