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Device Monitors Vacuum Interrupters in Real Time

The new VacStat vacuum interrupter monitor from Joslyn High-Voltage provides real-time monitoring of vacuum interrupters. If a loss of vacuum is detected, it blocks operation of the switch, provides local indication and actuates a relay contact that can be monitored remotely. This technology is now available in Joslyn's VBM capacitor switches.

A simple device is attached to the vacuum interrupter during manufacturing. This device monitors the interupter to determine if it has vacuum or not. If there is vacuum, the light via fiber optics will have a continuous path. If there is no vacuum, the indicator will turn to the orange flag to let the operator know there is a problem. The remote status contact will provide a signal that notifies the user there is a problem. Electrical operation of the switch is blocked.

The monitors work continuously and feature local and remote indication of interrupter status. They eliminate off-line, routine vacuum interrupter inspections. They can increase reliability and reduce the risk of harm to employees, customers and assets.

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