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Device Measures Acoustic Emission, Leaks

The Pocket AE-1 Acoustic Emission (AE) system from Physical Acoustics Corp. is a computerized hand-held instrument for AE testing and leak detection applications. Due to its portable nature and full AE features and functions capabilities, this system can be used in any remote, short-term AE application and evaluation, making it a suitable NDT test tool.

It performs traditional AE feature extraction-based AE signal processing, as well as advanced waveform based acquisition and processing. Text and graphic results are displayed on the Quarter-VGA (240 wide x 320 high pixels)-sized color LCD screen. AE data files are saved in traditional PAC, DTA files and are transferrable to a desktop or notebook computer via compact flash cards and/or the USB bus, for full data analysis using PAC's AEwin or Noesis software.

The Pocket AE-1 uses an architecture much like that used in hand-held PDA (Portable Data Assistant), and uses Microsoft Windows-CE operating system. Win-CE is a more compact version of Microsoft Windows with most of the same features and graphical user interface for instant familiarity. The unit is a high-performance, wide-bandwidth, single-channel AE system, with 16 bit A/D conversion and other key features as found in PAC's DiSP systems. There is even a 16-bit parametric input channel to correlate AE with other external process variables.

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