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Device Enhances 24 x 7 Unmanned Monitoring of Mission-Critical Assets

Sierra Wireless has introduced the AirLink Raven XT, the newest addition to the Sierra Wireless AirLink line of Mobile and M2M devices. The Raven XT is the latest installment of the X Platform line of rugged and intelligent wireless data communications platforms, joining the Raven X and PinPoint X.

Built on the new X Platform architecture and processing environment, the Raven XT is smaller than previous models and offers a future-proof design enabling room for expansion. With a serial port interface and Class 1 Div 2 certification for use in hazardous environments, the Raven XT is suited for a long list of industrial communication solutions, including energy production and distribution, electric utilities, automation and various infrastructure control and monitoring applications.

To simplify installation, troubleshooting and module level diagnostics, the Raven XT has been equipped with a Mini-USB interface. The Mini-USB will also increase the flexibility of the device by expanding its functionality and integration options.

The Raven XT is powered by ALEOS embedded intelligence. ALEOS, available only on the Sierra Wireless line of AirLink devices, simplifies installation, deployment and management of any wireless solution. Compatible with numerous machine protocols, ALEOS streamlines integration with a broad set of legacy equipment. In addition, ALEOS ensures a persistent network connection and enables extensive remote management and diagnostics, all of which are vital in remote, unmanned operations where physical access is difficult and expensive.

The Raven XT is supported by AceWare, the comprehensive line of tools and utilities offered exclusively by Sierra Wireless. Deeply integrated with ALEOS, AceWare applications simplify deployment and management of wireless solutions by providing device setup and provisioning, remote control, configuration, and management of installed communications platforms.

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