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Data Transport Device for Onset Computer’s HOBO Data Loggers

Onset Computer Corp.’s HOBO U-Shuttle, a data transport device for use with HOBO data loggers, allows users to conveniently offload HOBO U-Series and FlexSmart data loggers at multiple locations in a facility and safely transport the data back to a PC or Mac computer for analysis.

Key features of the U-Shuttle include:

  • Bright LCD display that provides current sensor readings, battery and logger status
  • Large memory capable of storing data from multiple data loggers
  • Convenient, direct USB connection to host computer, and easy and fast offload with Onset’s HOBOware software.

“In many indoor environmental monitoring applications, particularly those where multiple HOBO data loggers are deployed throughout a facility, users want the convenience of being able to offload and restart loggers without bringing them back to a host computer,” said Frank Deshaies, product marketing manager for Onset. “Our new U-Shuttle provides this capability, making it faster and easier than ever for users to retrieve data without interrupting logger deployment.”

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