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Data Recorder Contains 32 Differential Inputs

The Astro-Med Inc. Test & Measurement Product Group has introduced the Dash 32HF, a new multi-channel, high frequency data acquisition recorder.

Engineered specifically for capturing high frequency data and transient signals, the unit supports recording up to 32 channels to an internal hard drive at sample rates of up to 500 kHz and a bandwidth of 100 KHz per channel.

The system contains 32 differential inputs that accept up to +/-50VDC (35Vrms). The versatile digital signal processing of the Dash 32HF provides a wide variety of filtering capabilities, including low-pass, high-pass, bandpass and notch filtering. Frequency counter inputs are also included.

Equipped with a 15" diagonal monitor for intuitive touch-screen control and real-time data viewing and analysis, the graphical user interface of the Dash 32HF is optimized for ease of use. Simple menus permit the user to set most parameters using button and checkbox controls.

The Dash 32HF includes a dedicated, 250 GByte internal hard drive for capturing data and a DVD burner for archiving data. Other features include 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet for data upload and USB 2.0 port for archiving data to external drives. Free Windows-based AstroVIEW X software allows data to be imported to a PC for analysis and review. Using AstroVIEW X, a user can import data to popular spreadsheet and analysis programs including Excel, DADiSP and MathCAD with a simple conversion command.

The system is built into a compact (16"L x 12.125"W x 6.628"H), light (under 22 lbs), and rugged case for field or lab use. Operating on either 120 or 240 VAC, the Dash 32HF includes a capacitive backup to ensure proper shutdown without data corruption if power is lost.

The Dash 32HF provides the user with a real-time display and analysis of data. High frequency data captures can be saved directly to hard drive for later review and analysis.

Designed for applications ranging from transient capture to remote troubleshooting, the Dash 32HF is portable and rugged enough to handle any environment. The unit is ideally suited for applications electric utility field.

An optional high security version designated the Dash 32HF-HS is available for defense and aerospace applications. The high security version includes locking, removable hard drives for securing confidential data.

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