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DAQ, Reporting System is Offered with Modbus Interface

Modbus/RTU Master capability has been added to the IntelliLogger line of rugged, network enabled, stand-alone data logging, reporting and alarming instruments from Logic Beach. Register values can be read from connected Modbus Slave transducers, power meters, controls and flow meters. Scanned Modbus register values can then be processed, logged to memory, used to trigger alarms, and incorporated into FTP, Email and Web pages served by the IntelliLogger. The connection to Slave devices via Modbus complements the existing hard-wired analog and digital signal and sensor I/O capability of the IntelliLogger.

The IntelliLogger is a low-power, stand-alone instrument that samples connected analog, digital and now, Modbus inputs, processes these signals and stores the results to internal or CF Card memory for reporting over the Internet and/or later download for analysis. While logging, alarm conditions can be detected and appropriate action initiated, whether it be turning on an integral output relay or emailing or texting an alert message.

The IntelliLogger is simply programmed via the included HyperWare-II software, which features intuitive drag and drop icon-based programming. With HyperWare-II, simple to complex logging and alarming scenarios can be implemented--from math to inter-channel calculations to conditional logging to statistical reduction. The IntelliLogger also features a network stack, facilitating direct connection to a LAN and the Internet. Automated data downloads via FTP are supported as well as email and SMS for status and alarms. The IntelliLogger has an integral Web page server, allowing users to check the IntelliLogger current status, download data and even change program parameters via browser access over the Web.

With the new Modbus RTU Master feature, connected Modbus Slave device(s) registers can now be interrogated and used by the IntelliLogger for its data acquisition, alarming and reporting capabilities. These inputs complement the existing hard-wired I/O capability. Various models of the IntelliLogger are offered with varying I/O count and expansion features. The IL-80 includes 8 isolated, high-resolution (20 bit) analog channels for direct thermocouple, Vdc, RTD, mAdc, etc input. Simply daisy-chaining more I/O modules via the integral BBus expansion bus can increase channel count. All models come with a basic set of analog and digital inputs, digital and analog outputs and the HyperWare-II software.

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