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Current-Limiting Backup Fuse Enhances Overhead Distribution Protection

Current-Limiting Backup Fuse Enhances Overhead Distribution Protection

The new Trans-Guard EXT Current-Limiting Backup Fuse from Thomas & Betts is designed to enhance protection on overhead distribution systems by significantly reducing the amount of energy let-through to the source of the fault to a value below the withstand capability of the equipment being protected. Additionally, the fuse offers high interrupting capability to provide state-of-the art protection against today’s ever-increasing available fault currents.

This fuse interrupts high-level currents and must be applied in series with another device capable of interrupting low- to mid-level currents. This is most commonly a cutout expulsion fuse. When properly coordinated, the fuse always allows sufficient let-through current to cause the cutout fuse to melt and drop open, making it easy to visually pinpoint where the fault occurred.

The improved design of the fuse is smaller in size and lighter in weight for easy handling and we offer the most complete range of ratings available.

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