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CT Analyzer Offers New Features

CT Analyzer Offers New Features

The CT Analyzer from Omicron provides fast and cost-efficient testing and verification of current transformers for protection and metering applications.

For its latest release, the CT Analyzer was improved by several new hardware accessories and software functions.

Residual magnetism measurement
As a new measurement function for the CT Analyzer, the RemAlyzer allows current transformers to be tested for residual magnetism.

Residual magnetism may occur when current transformers are confronted with very high AC currents or DC offset during fault conditions. Core saturation effects caused by residual magnetism lead to unpredictable switching of protection relays.

Testing of multi-ratio CTs
The CT SB2 switch box is now available for automated testing of multi-ratio CTs without re-wiring. The CT SB2 is a standalone unit, which can be attached to the CT Analyzer. It provides simple, color-coded, six-channel connection possibilities guaranteeing convenient wiring and avoiding time-consuming and error-prone reconnection.

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