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Control Product Family Simplifies IEC 61850

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) has introduced a complete IEC 61850 product family for station protection, automation, and control for distance, current differential, distribution, transformer, bus, and bay control. The IEC 61850 standard defines protocols, architecture, and configuration methods for integrating substation control systems using devices from multiple suppliers. The new family includes ACSELERATOR Architect Software to import and export files directly to the protection, automation, or control device, with no need for device firmware changes.

The SEL complete IEC 61850 product family includes:

  • SEL-421 High-Speed Line Protection, Automation, and Control System
  • SEL-451 Protection, Automation, and Control System
  • SEL-451-4 Bay Control, Automation, and Protection System
  • SEL-487B Bus Protection and Breaker Failure Relay
  • SEL-311L Line Current Differential Protection and Automation System
  • SEL-387E Current Differential and Voltage Relay
  • ACSELERATOR Architect™ SEL-5032 Software
  • SEL-3351 System Computing Platform

ACSELERATOR Architect Software enables the user to easily configure and document IEC 61850 communications among multiple suppliers’ devices. The software imports and exports Substation Configuration Language (SCL) files and compares them to the IEC 61850 requirements, detecting and reporting errors automatically, which accelerates system design.

SEL devices receive SCL files to configure their IEC 61850 messages to quickly match installation requirements or to compensate for problems that may arise. Only SEL devices have this capability, which is described in the standard.

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