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Condition Monitor Reports Circuit Breaker Wear

Incon's OPTImizer+ monitors and trends three critical circuit breaker operating parameters:

  • Mechanism Time - By timing the interval between the trip command the opening of the 52a contact, and the closing of the 52b contact, changes in operating characteristics of the trip coil mechanism, latch, and mechanical components are recorded and alarmed.
  • Arc Duration Time - By timing the interval from initial main contact separation to arc extinction, problems within the arc chamber are recorded. Arc restrikes are also recorded and alarmed.
  • Contact Interrupting Duty - By accumulating the I2T duty of the main contacts, erosion of the main contacts is recorded.

Visual, digital, and analog outputs are available at the breaker or inside the control house. The monitor also features an RS-232 port for remote HMI via standard SCADA, relay, wireless, or other communication systems. It offers easy, non-invasive installation and simple programming. The rugged, robust, utility style construction results in a long life and carefree operation. It has a low capital cost, low installed cost and rapid ROI as well.

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