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ComRent Middle East Opens Doors to Fill Power-Testing Needs for Saudi Arabia

ComRent Middle East, the newly formed joint venture between ComRent International, LLC and Power Engineering, has announced its official opening, providing businesses across the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Middle East with access to testing of critical backup and primary power systems.

ComRent Middle East marked the business launch with a two-day technical workshop at its headquarters in Al-Khobar. The workshop was attended by many of the leading power rental companies in the region and introduced the power testing capabilities now available throughout the Middle East.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn how load bank testing applies to the power systems in both industrial and commercial markets. In addition to learning about equipment features and capabilities, attendees also learned critical calculations, such as de-rating, which are used by ComRent to customize load bank rentals to meet the exact testing needs of customers.

Equipment availability has long been an obstacle in the Middle East for manufacturers, service companies and business owners alike. Now that ComRent Middle East has established operations in Al-Khobar, regional power professionals are seeing the potential for more reliable and sustainable operations.

Saudi Arabia's energy consumption is expected to more than double in the next 15 years, giving rise to a more concentrated effort to leverage today's technology to develop more efficient power systems.

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