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Comprehensive Tests for Cables and Overhead Lines

Cables and overhead lines must be checked on a regular basis. This is the only way to detect and rectify problems and to guarantee a reliable power supply. OMICRON offers various test systems for checking cables and overhead lines efficiently and reliably.

MPD 600 – Partial discharge measurements for cables
Measuring partial discharge (PD) is one of the main criteria when assessing the quality of cables. The MPD 600 measures and analyzes partial discharges reliably and precisely. Even close to strong electrical disturbance fields, weak signals can be filtered and isolated for further analysis. If partial discharge occurs, the MPD 600 can locate the fault to within one meter.

Whether on site or during manufacturing at the plant – OMICRON's MPD 600 enables rapid, efficient and precise detection and location of partial discharges in compliance with IEC 60270.

CPC 100 + CP CU1 – Measuring the line impedance of cables and overhead lines
The measuring system comprising CPC 100 + CP CU1 allows line impedance to be measured quickly and completely. This way, values such as positive-sequence impedance, zero-sequence impedance and k-factors are available in less than two hours enabling distance relays to be set correctly and any faults located.

Measuring line impedance is a quick and cost-effective alternative to the previous time consuming calculation method for these values where errors up to the double-digit percentage range could frequently be found.

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