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Communications Networking Hardware Designed for Harsh Environments

RuggedCom Inc. has introduced the RuggedBackbone MX5000 and the RuggedEnclosure. The MX5000 is a MIL-STD-hardened, multi-service platform designed to operate in the harshest environments. The RuggedEnclosure is a MIL-STD-hardened enclosure designed to enhance the MX5000’s resistance to the extreme environments.

The MX5000, which supports high port density routing and switching, withstands high levels of electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference, meets MIL-STD 901D shock ratings, and operates in a wide temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. The MX5000’s ruggedized hardware design, coupled with the embedded ROXII operating system, provides improved system reliability when the network needs it the most. The product is a commercial off the shelf (COTS) product, which is scalable, hot-swappable, and has a modular platform that provides users with the ability to make product modifications as their networks grow or their needs change.

The new RuggedEnclosure is a tough, welded aluminum, hard-mount enclosure built to house RuggedCom networking products to enhance their MIL-STD ratings for shock and vibration, emissions, immunity, temperature and humidity.

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