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Circuit-Switchers Rated at 2000-A Continuous

S&C is has announced the availability of Series 2000 Circuit-Switchers rated 2000-A continuous. This new rating is available on 69-kV, 115-kV, and 138-kV Circuit-Switchers, and Models 2010, 2030, and 2040. The new switch expands the application of the Series 2000 Circuit-Switcher to line-switching applications that require a 2000-A continuous-current rating.

The design of the interrupter – and the blade assembly for Model 2010 switches – has been enhanced to carry the higher continuous current. The new 2000-A Series 2000 interrupters (and Model 2010 blade assemblies and live parts) are also retrofittable to existing 1200-A rated switches. These components can be used to upgrade existing switches to the new 2000-A rating, while maintaining the existing operator and high-speed base.

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