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Circuit Breaker Analyzer Reduces Test Time

Circuit Breaker Analyzer Reduces Test Time

The PME-500-TR represents a breakthrough in the concept of testing, timing and condition-based analysis of medium- and high-voltage circuit breakers and combinations with disconnectors.

Fast error-free connections to the circuit breaker and an intuitive graphical touchscreen interface with multi-language menus dramatically reduce the test time while increasing the analysis accuracy.

The built-in battery supplies power for 14 hours, eliminating the need for a generator in a shut-down substation, and provides clean, pure DC current for accurate four-wire contact resistance measurement of the three main contacts in a single test.

An optional plug-in module allows the integration of motion information like travel, speed, acceleration and contact sweep in the test report.

Test results are immediately displayed in tabular and graphical forms, and can be directly output by the built-in thermal printer, saved in flash memory for future reutilization and downloaded later on to a personal computer for archiving and export to various data interchange formats.


  • 5 timing inputs for main contacts and auxiliary contacts, with 0.1 millisecond resolution
  • Programmable sequences: O, C, O-C, C-O, O-C-O, C-O-C
  • Local or remotely controlled test initiation
  • Three-phase contact resistance measurement with 0.1 micro ohm resolution
  • Coil current graphs for substation's battery condition analysis
  • Supplied complete with transport bag, test leads and PC software
  • Optional travel analysis plug-in module
  • Equipment's weight: 8 kg
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