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Cemtrex to Supply Mercury Monitor to Nevada Power Station

Cemtrex Inc. has received a contract from Electric Power Research Institute to install two SM4 continuous mercury compliance monitors for its ReACT Project at Valmy Station in Nevada. Cemtrex's SM4 monitor shall be used in measuring very low level mercury concentrations, ranging from from 0 to 100 nano gram per cubic meter of gas in its test process stream at both inlet and outlet locations. This is a six-month project to demonstrate EPRI's new multi-pollutant removal technology.

Cemtrex SM4 is the first instrument working on a thermo catalytic principle avoiding wet chemical sample treatment. As a consequence, maintenance demand has been drastically minimized. It is the only monitor that required no maintenance at a coal-fired utility wet stack, no carrier gases, no water and 95% data availability. It costs 40% less than closest competition. SM4 uses straight extractive Teflon sheathed Hastelloy probe with no plugging or corrosion.

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