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CE Power Solutions Assists Major Utility Client

CE Power Solutions, LLC has announced that a major U.S. electric utility has selected its Sensor Upgrade Engineering and Field Services Program for its smart grid implementation plans.

Over the next 24 months, the CE Power operations in Cincinnati, Ohio, install 84 instrument transformers at 27 substations in the greater Cincinnati area.

The increased capacity and reliability of the modern instrument transformers help maximize the capabilities of newly installed IEDs (intelligent electrical devices), thus helping reduce utility maintenance and operation costs by minimizing the risks of costly substation power outages.

Past technology allowed for 2-½ element metering; saving the cost of the third sensor (PT). The instrument transformer additions and upgrades to the substations will provide advanced capabilities such as providing distance-to-fault information to guide trouble crews and restore power more efficiently and quickly. The utility would expect improved SAIDI AND SAIFI ratings as a result. Features that allow better control of system voltage and operation at a lower demand and lower generating level include:

  • affecting regulator and tap changer controls in reducing the system operating voltages.
  • allowing tighter and more definitive regulator and capacitor controls.
  • being able to monitor voltage along the line.
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