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CartoPac Field Solutions Launches Interactive Website for Field Data Collection

CartoPac Field Solutions has launched a customer-focused and industry-diverse interactive website. The CartoPac Tour site is designed to take a person through the full life cycle of field data collection, including step-by-step videos to provide a broad overview of the CartoPac technology.

The on-line CartoPac Tour includes more than 10 videos with audio and allows viewers to explore how CartoPac technology integrates with a variety of systems including: ArcMap, ArcGIS Server, and Google Earth. The videos also demonstrate how to deploy data through a desktop or Server environment. Additional videos demonstrate data collection forms using CartoPac Mobile, as well as automating tasks such as post-processing and reports.

The website design incorporates an easy-to-follow navigation to walk viewers through the four major steps of data collection: downloading the project to the mobile device; collecting data in the field; uploading the project back into the office/database environment; and administration functions to analyze the collected data. The site is organized to provide quick and direct access to all of these resources for all audiences.

The CartoPac Tour is in its first phase of production. The CartoPac Field Solutions team has plans to add more videos in each category, plus expand to encompass their new product, CartoPac Studio. CartoPac Studio allows companies to design, configure and maintain custom mobile data collection solutions internally, in a "non-programming" environment.

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