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Carrying Case Lanyard for V-Watch Personal Voltage Detectors

Carrying Case Lanyard for V-Watch Personal Voltage Detectors

HD Electric Co.'s new carrying case lanyard for the V-Watch Personal Voltage Detector combines the carrying case and lanyard into a single case. The carrying case lanyard is designed to leave the V-Watch permanently mounted inside. It protects the V-Watch when not in use and acts as a lanyard for the V-Watch when in use. The V-Watch will not work inside the closed, zippered Carrying Case Lanyard.

It takes is three easy steps when it's time to use the V-Watch:

  1. Remove the V-Watch Carrying Case Lanyard from the belt.
  2. Completely open the zippered case and test the V-Watch for proper operation.
  3. Extend the lanyard from the top of the case and place it around the neck, adjusting the lanyard so the V-Watch is worn at mid-chest level.

The V-Watch is now ready to provide that extra level of safety by detecting and alerting the user to the presence of electrical fields or energized equipment.

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