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Capacitor Bank Protection, Control Relays Easily Customizable

Cooper Power Systems delivers increased protection and control and communication capability through seven different capacitor bank protection relays.

The Idea Workbench easily functions by transforming a “host” relay into a full operating capacitor bank relay. Applications are available in the iDP-210 feeder relay, iXP-420 transformer relay or in dedicated capacitor bank relays. One key ability of the relay is its tracking of self-canceling errors. Capacitor bank manufacturing tolerances, instrument transformer errors, and relay errors can be nulled by using a front-panel push button. This unique feature can save time during initial installation and after maintenance.

Additional features include:

  • Dual Ethernet ports available
  • Data profiler – load, voltage and current harmonics tracked
  • PeerComm communications protocol and Relay-Replay feature
  • Oscillographic event and pre-trigger lengths are adjustable
  • Event records in COMTRADE format

“Customers truly appreciate the ability to view the logic and see the actual operation of the logic elements in real-time and through the Relay-Replay feature. During commissioning visits, I can sense the greater understanding and enthusiasm of customers as the mysteries of relay operation are solved,” said Arvind Chaudhary, staff engineer, Cooper Power Systems.

A variety of options from capacitor bank protection relays and protection schemes from the Edison Idea line of relays are available. All Cooper products easily integrate to improve system performance and enhance the delivery of reliable power.

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