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Cantronic Supplies Siemens With Critical Infrastructure Monitoring System

Cantronic Systems Inc. has received an unsolicited order from its channel partner Siemens Pakistan Engineering for a C202-6 Transformer Gas Analyzer. This unit will allow for surveillance and critical facility monitoring. The gas analyzer marketplace worldwide for large power transformers is mature and is one that is predicted to continue to grow. It is currently estimated that this market is in excess of $500 million annually. Cantronic has developed three versions of gas analyzer and has sold into this marketplace successfully before.

C202-6 is a new kind of transformer gas analyzer for the online monitoring of large power transformers used in utilities around the world. Cantronic’s technology helps companies to have a constant and continuous supply of power while considerably reducing the operating cost. The analyzer can also detect potential failures that can result in the destruction of equipment, avoiding the high and unplanned cost of repair due to the breakdown of the power transformer.

The Analyzer Transformer C202-6 is connected to a processing computer. This gives the user the ability to analyze the status of each gas online and in a real-time mode. The nature and concentration of gases analyzed will indicate the degree of severity of the fault in the transformer. The change in the production of each gas will help to determine the type of fault.

James Zahn, president and CEO of Cantronic Systems Inc., said, “The detection of C2H2 gas is actually a major concern for companies using large power transformers. Cantronics' Model C202-6 Transformer Gas Analyzer is able to detect up to six different gases. Each gas is analyzed and the software is able to detect certain types of faults. A graphic interface provides the diagnostic. The result of early fault gas detection will increase productivity and will also have a significant effect in cost reduction.”

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