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California Utility Orders 500 Pole-top & Underground Transformer Monitors

California Utility Orders 500 Pole-top & Underground Transformer Monitors

GridSense has announced the sale of 500 TransformerIQ advanced monitoring units to a major California utility. The 500 TransformerIQ devices will be used to monitor and secure valuable data from overhead and underground transformers dispersed throughout the utility's residential distribution grid. The order represents an almost $1 million first sale for this new product, and will be processed and shipped in the fourth quarter. Assuming successful integration, the ultimate potential product sales volume with this utility could, over time, approach over 100,000 units across the network.

"This sale is an integral part of the ongoing relationship we are developing with this major California utility," said Lindon Shiao, Chief Executive of GridSense. "The general public often equates the controversial smart meter on their home with the term smart grid. In fact, sophisticated Distribution Automation (DA) devices like TransformerIQ strategically placed throughout the network are really what the grid needs to become smarter. These devices can yield large economic benefits, similar to those of energy efficiency programs, but without requiring 300 million Americans to change their daily habits."

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