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California ISO Certifies the SEL-734 PQ, Revenue Metering System

California ISO Certifies the SEL-734 PQ, Revenue Metering System

The California ISO recently certified the SEL-734 and SEL-734P Advanced Metering Systems for revenue metering.

California ISO tested and passed the SEL-734 for revenue metering use in ISO-metered entity applications. This certification process verified metering accuracy, communications, and integration capability with the California ISO communications system. High-accuracy metering, Ethernet communications, and Itron MV-90 compatibility enabled the SEL-734 to exceed ISO requirements, making it ideal for grid intertie metering applications in California.

The affordability of the SEL-734 will allow California utilities to increase the coverage of revenue and power quality metering and, ultimately, to improve power quality. The SEL-734 includes advanced revenue metering and communications capabilities that provide additional value for the utility.

SEL advanced metering systems, including the SEL-734P, easily satisfy industry regulations, meeting and exceeding the strictest ANSI, UL, and IEC requirements of utilities and industrial companies around the world.

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