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Cable System Aids Overhead Distribution Circuit Management

Hendrix Wire & Cable has announced a green solution for overhead distribution circuits with its Spacer Cable Systems.

Hendrix Spacer Cable Systems can help reduce the amount of vegetation that must be removed when clearing right-of-way for distribution circuits. It is more compact and can withstand temporary contact with branches without causing outages. Reducing right-of-way clearance by 20 feet can result in up to 6.5 tons of carbon dioxide being removed from the atmosphere every year per mile.

Unlike bare wire, which is spread over an eight foot cross arm, a Spacer Cable circuit is confined to less than 1 foot. This reduces trimming requirements and allows multiple circuits to be placed on a single pole, or even the same side of a single pole. The result can often lead to new circuits being added to existing poles without additional vegetation removal.

The systems are designed with a covering that limits the electrical charge on the surface. This allows temporary contact with branches without causing a failure. Birds, squirrels, and other wildlife also benefit as phase to phase or phase to ground contact will not be lethal. Mid-air collisions are also rare since cable size, compact configuration and spacers make the Spacer Cable Systems visible in open space.

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