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Burlington Hydro to Pilot Loss Detection as Part of the Elster AGI Initiative

Burlington Hydro will pilot a new, innovative loss detection application with Elster, ABB, and FieldMetrics as part of the Advanced Grid Infrastructure (AGI) Initiative. The AGI Initiative is a collaborative effort between utilities, Elster, and key technology providers to realize innovative solutions for the grid of the future.

The loss detection pilot is an application combining AMI, new sensor technology, and a head-end application to detect technical and non-technical system losses. Burlington Hydro has deployed the EnergyAxis System in Burlington and is working to determine how to leverage the AMI system for new applications as part of the grid of the future.

Elster Metering (Canada) vice president Jack Robertson said, “Loss detection is one new way different technologies can be combined to better empower the utilities to operate more efficiently. We are very excited to have Burlington Hydro support this aspect of the AGI Initiative.”

“This pilot is the first in a series of new applications that can be realized with information from across the power network,” said Hormoz Kazemzadeh, ABB Network Management director of marketing. “This project provides a starting point for new utility distribution applications combining advanced metering information and real time distribution network analysis.”

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