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Brazilian City Converts to Underground Distribution with S&C’s Remote Supervisory Vista Switchgear

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization — has named the historic center of Olinda, Brazil, located on the country’s northeastern coast, a “World Heritage” site. This designation is aimed at safeguarding historic urban landscapes such as Olinda, a town of 25,000 residents known for its Baroque-style churches dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries.

Using funding provided by PRONAC, Brazil’s National Program of Cultural Support, the local electrical utility, Companhia de Eletricidade de Pernambuco (Celpe), is presently converting the existing 13.8-kV overhead distribution system in Olinda to more aesthetic underground distribution.

Six units of Vault-Mounted Style Remote Supervisory Vista Underground Distribution Switchgear from S&C Electric, featuring the IntelliTEAM II Automatic Restoration System, were chosen to switch and protect the new underground distribution system.

S&C gear was selected for its rugged submersible construction and availability of IntelliTEAM II. Each unit of gear features a submersible low-voltage enclosure furnished with a 5800 Series Automatic Switch Control, which supports the IntelliTEAM II Automatic Restoration System. Each fault-interrupter way is equipped with a Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories SEL-351 Directional Overcurrent and Reclosing Relay. The relays are connected through a fiberoptic cable network.

The IntelliTEAM II Automatic Restoration System continuously tracks system conditions and quickly initiates service restoration in the event of a fault or an outage.

One unit of gear has been already installed and energized. The remaining five are scheduled for installation in August 2009.

Olinda is beginning to realize the benefits of a modern underground distribution system, meeting UNESCO rules pertaining to historic building preservation.

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