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BPLG Launches Temperature Monitoring for Power Transformers

BPL Global, Ltd. has announced the availability of its transformer temperature monitoring system (TMS) integrated with the company’s Serveron portfolio of online power transformer monitoring solutions. By offering real-time, precision temperature monitoring, the TMS improves transformer reliability while simultaneously maximizing capacity and reducing maintenance costs as well as customer outages. The addition of the TMS to the company’s substation automation and monitoring solutions provides electric utilities with two key smart grid technologies; comprehensive, on-line transformer monitoring integrated with substation automation.

The TMS is designed to accurately measure transformer oil temperatures directly and calculate the Winding Hot Spot (WHS) temperatures that guide utility grid operators on how much load the transformer can handle. This enables the operator to more accurately detect potential threats to the transformer fleet before they cause significant damage, thus extending transformer life and reducing outages.

BPLG can provide electric utilities with comprehensive substation asset monitoring and automation. Based on the Power SG enterprise class platform, BPLG brings electric utilities collaborative smart grid solutions that address the energy delivery value chain from the substation to customer premises.

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