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Beckwith Electric to Unveil Tap Position Sensor at IEEE Expo

Beckwith Electric Co., Inc. has announced its plans for this year's IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Expo, being held in Dallas, Texas, May 21-26. Beckwith Electric will be exhibiting at Booth #2022.

At this year's PES T&D Expo, Beckwith Electric will unveil its new PosiTap M-2948/M-2949 Tap Position Sensor. The PosiTap eliminates the need for the Incon (Selsyn) Series Programmable Position Monitor. It directly interfaces with the Beckwith Electric M-2025C Current Loop Interface, which provides the tap position to the M-2001C Tapchanger Control.

The PosiTap M-2948 measures a 0° to 288° rotation, for use with a Qualitrol Position Indicator, Model 081-002-01 or equivalent. The PosiTap M-2949 measures a 0° to 320° rotation, for use with a Qualitrol Position Indicator, Model 082-020-01, 082-001-01, or equivalent.

Beckwith Electric now offers 4 models to better match user applications while offering price concessions including the M-2001C Comprehensive, Base-T, Base-RS, and Base-R. The M-2001C Comprehensive can be applied to any LTC transformer, substation regulator, or line regulator providing every feature, function and option available for a SCADA communicating device. The M-2001C Base-T is intended primarily for those LTC transformer applications not requiring SCADA communications. The Base-T includes all necessary communication and inputs for transformer paralleling. The M-2001C Base-RS is the latest model and targets regulator applications requiring SCADA communications through RS485 but comes with a new lower price. The M-2001C Base-R is the most cost-reduced model targeting line regulator applications that do not require SCADA communications.

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