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BAUR Portable Cable Testing Device Now Has Diagnostics Function

BAUR Portable Cable Testing Device Now Has Diagnostics Function

BAUR Prüf-und Messtechnik GmbH (Sulz/Austria) has expanded its portable cable testing device with a diagnostics function. With identical compact dimensions in addition to testing, the new frida TD device now determines the aging state of medium-voltage cables up to 20 kV -- and free of interference.

The basis for this diagnosis is the Tangent Delta method (tan delta), also called dissipation factor measurement. The ratio is determined from active power and capacitive reactive power. Tests across several voltage levels allow for reliable statements on the aging state of polyethylene insulators (PE, VPE).

Like the test, the dissipation factor measurement is also carried out with low-frequency voltage (VLF test). The true sinus generator provides for an ideal sine curve with 0.1 Hz requirement for minor measurement deviations and the reproducibility and comparability of measuring results.

Cable diagnostics is simplified by the user-friendly interface and the PC software developed by BAUR. So interpreting measurement values and trend analysis during repeated measurements becomes easy. Frida TD will be available in early summer 2010.

Technical data of frida TD:

Output voltage

  • VLF truesinus 1....24 kVrms (34 kVPeak)
  • DC/VLF Rectangular 1....34 kV
  • Frequency range 0.01....0.1 Hz

Option TD (integrated in device)

  • Precision 1x10E-4
  • Resolution 1x10E-5
  • Interface USB 2.0

Dimensions 438 x 412 x 220 mm

Weight 19.5 kg

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