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Battery Storage Company Offers Intelligent Switching System

Smart Energy Solutions, Inc., developer of the Battery Brain product line for automotive devices, has announced a new Power Distribution Industry Division offering intelligent switching and energy management solutions.

SMGY has been working with an industry group focused on developing a solution for an alterative energy interface with the power grid. SMGY explored the application of its processor and switching technology to this industry and decided it could provide a critical technology to the rebuilding of the world's power transmission systems. Using existing wind generation operations, SMGY plans to deliver an intelligent interface solution to the energy industry.

"Smart Energy Solutions is pleased to introduce this new Intelligent Switching solution to the power transmission industry. Our unique experience working with battery storage, monitoring, distributed processing, designed applications, and high amperage switching along with our management teams background in network switching and alternative energy generation gave SMGY a unique perspective," ssid Ed Braniff, CEO of Smart Energy Solutions. "With the industry's new initiatives to modernizing the grid, network providers must be able to manage alternative energy sources, distributed energy generation, interface with numerous energy storage systems while providing dynamic, intelligent and safe switching. SMGY can provide a distributed dynamic gateway system to accomplish this goal."

SMGY will continue to offer energy management system for today's vehicles, energy management solutions for tomorrow's hybrid and all electric vehicles. With today's announcement it expands its technology to help solve energy management problems for alternative energy providers and energy transmission networks.

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