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Battery Analyzer Uses Electrochemical Measurements

The Interrogator 4210 hand-held battery analyzer from World Energy Labs cuts the cost and risk of battery ownership by 20% to 40% by detecting low-performing batteries in a single test. This is made possible by the electrochemical measurements of CEL-Scan Technology.

CEL-Scan Technology (Chemical, Electrical, Layer Scan) is an advanced frequency response analysis that simultaneously measures the electrical and the chemical properties of a battery in terms of voltage, resistance/impedance, sulfation and dryout. Whereas electrical parameters alone serve as a "battery death monitor," electrochemical measurements provide advanced information about battery performance capacity. This saves service teams’ time and money.

For example, when sulfation and/or dryout are the dominant degradation mechanisms for VRLA or flooded lead-acid batteries, an Interrogator 4210 test can predict the outcome of a 3-hour load test in 30 seconds with better than 93% correlation.

Specific gravity measurements are not required because the Interrogator 4210 measures the state of charge electronically and without the risk of acid contact.

By using the Interrogator 4210 in conjunction with a professional battery care and replacement program, managers spend the proper amount of money on testing and replacement batteries while reducing their reliability risk.

With this analyzer, there is more battery diagnostic information, which means better decisions for reduced costs, lower risks and greater business development.

The battery analyzer measures lead-acid batteries as well as NiCd, Li-ion and NiMH batteries.

WELSoft is the data management software companion for the Interrogator 4210 and provides semi-automated battery data storage, data analysis and report generation.

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