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Basler Electric Acquires Cutler Hammer Excitation Control Product Line

Basler Electric has acquired the Cutler Hammer Excitation Control product line, which offers a complete line of voltage regulators and static excitation systems, including both standard and customized products for small, medium and large generating systems. Also included were all of the excitation products and designs from the Westinghouse Distribution & Control business, that became part of Cutler Hammer in 1994.

“This acquisition allows Basler Electric to expand the scope of its Excitation product line and supply excitation systems on larger generating systems,” according to Basler Electric President and COO Gary Dolbeare. “The well established Cutler Hammer product offerings will open up new opportunities at key Utility and Industrial generating facilities worldwide and complements Basler’s strategic efforts to become a full line excitation system supplier.”

The company has positioned itself to supply both protection and control devices to the power industry. Products include protective relays, voltage regulators, genset controllers, custom transformers and digital excitation control systems.

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