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Automation Controller Works in Real Time

Automation Controller Works in Real Time

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. has announced that the SEL-3530 Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC) is now available for purchase. The new RTAC is a complete substation automation platform that incorporates communications, security, and custom logic along with simple configuration software.

The City of Batavia, Illinois, is the first customer to apply the RTAC.

The RTAC is an automation gateway that includes the IEEE C37.118 client protocol for receiving synchronized phasor messages. With synchrophasors, customers can simply perform substation control based on time-aligned information or transmit the information along with highly accurate time stamps to SCADA for enhanced power system state calculations. The IEEE C37.118 protocol is included with every RTAC for no additional charge.

Each RTAC includes a complete IEC 61131 logic engine, needed user security and logging, advanced data concentration, local and remote I/O, and protocol conversion capabilities between multiple built-in client/server protocols. This solution gives integrators the necessary tools to easily integrate and concentrate information from the wide variety of microprocessor-based devices found in substation applications today.

ACSELERATOR RTAC SEL-5033 Software is included with each RTAC for no additional cost. It features everything needed to set up I/O, communications, security, and programmable logic in one easy-to-use package.

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