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Automation Controller Offers Low Price, Utility-Grade, Discrete I/O Solution

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) has released the new SEL-2440 DPAC Discrete Programmable Automation Controller. The SEL-2440 DPAC offers 48 points for only $20 per point in a rugged design.. This discrete I/O device can be used in many applications with its wide range of included protocols and flexible communications.

The fast SEL-2440 DPAC works for distributed I/O and I/O expansion, and as a remote terminal unit (RTU), programmable logic controller (PLC), microsecond sequential events recorder, switch controller and sequencer.

The DPAC includes DNP3, Modbus, MIRRORED BITS communications, and SEL Fast Messages; IEC 61850 is optional. Easily connect using the two EIA-232 ports and the two RJ-45 Ethernet ports with integrated switch.

The inputs are timed to the microsecond, and outputs are controlled to the millisecond. The 2 ms processing interval keeps the time from input to output at only 7 ms. Internal math and logic allow you to create automation and control systems.

The DPAC is designed, tested, and manufactured to surpass electrical utility protective relay standards, the SEL-2440 DPAC can handle tough environments. It will operate under extreme temperature ranges of –40° to +85°C, withstand electrostatic discharge up to 15 kV, and handle 15 g shock.

Pre-programmed register maps, and protocol and address setup via control (DIP) switches make commissioning easy. Connectorized with removable terminal blocks, the SEL-2440 DPAC can be removed from service without lifting a single I/O wire.

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