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Automatic Transfer Switch Features 1600 to 3000 A Rating

GE Digital Energy has announced the new Zenith 1600-3000 Amp Horizontal Bypass/Isolation Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) system - an easy to operate, compact ATS that enables safe, simple maintenance and inspection.

The Zenith 1600-3000 ATS has a back-to-back design with a shutter system that uses technology from the American National Standards Institute's (ANSI) - certified power circuit breaker designs. The Horizontal Bypass switch enclosure has a dead front with the ATS removed or isolated, helping ensure operator safety while providing easy access to the bypass power panel with proper personnel protective equipment (PPE).

The Zenith 1600-3000 ATS also includes a low voltage control compartment that is completely isolated from the switch mechanism, enabling easier installation, maintenance, and improved safety. Its smaller size and weight (1,300 lbs. lighter than previous designs) means an easier fit into existing facility spaces and easier rigging and installation for facility managers. Its industry-leading MX350 Control System increases the reliability for facility mission-critical loads with built-in Power Quality Metering & Alarms allowing the facility managers to prevent uptime problems. The new and improved mechanical features include a single-piece interlock mechanism, designed to provide reliable operation without adjustments after even the most severe shipping conditions.

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