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Automatic Test Sets Support Multi-Conductor Cable

Hipotronics, Inc., a Brewster, New York, U.S.-based high-voltage test equipment manufacturer, offers automatic test sets for multi-conductor cable.

The Hipotronics Automatic Test Set is an automated, computer-controlled system, designed to perform routine tests on multi-conductor cable. For the multi-conductor to make it to the final test area, it had to survive numerous manufacturing steps, dodge several forklift trucks, spend hours waiting in line, and elude the fate of the inexperienced technician. Now the only thing worse than finding problems during final test is not finding them at all. Hipotronics ATS Series Automatic Multi-Conductor Cable Test Sets can identify problems during final test and ensure quality.The Hipotronics Automated Test Sets provide for the needs of shop personnel. Quality assurance managers may appreciate the test data storage and flexible report generation. Engineers have the ability to test any cable design at any voltage and for practically any low frequency test. Operators will find the Windows95 interface intuitive and easy to use.

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