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AREVA T&D Achieves IEC 61850 Certification for its MiCOM Bay Computers and Protection Relays

AREVA T&D has announced IEC 61850 protocol certification of its MiCOM C264 bay computer and of the MiCOM P139 and P545 protection relays. Issued by KEMA, this certification is a new success that proves independently assessed conformance of the development of IEC 61850 across the MiCOM range.

AREVA T&D is now offering the IEC 61850-8-1 interface as standard on MiCOM C264 for bay management and backup protection functions. An IEC 61850-8-1 interface is an option on MiCOM P range relays, covering applications for feeder (MiCOM P14x and P13x), distance (MiCOM P43x and P44x), line differential (MiCOM P54x) and transformer differential (MiCOM P63x) protection.

These developments confirm AREVA T&D’s commitment to IEC 61850, which is the backbone of automation systems for substations from MV to HV and EHV voltage levels. AREVA T&D participated actively in the definition of the IEC 61850 standard through the IEC 61850 working group.

“This certification demonstrates the quality of implementation on our different IED platforms and is an important step toward interoperability between suppliers,” said Luc Hossenlopp, automation systems marketing director, AREVA T&D.

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