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Areva Highlights Circuit Breaker at CEPSI

AREVA T&D presented its new solutions for the Asia Pacific electricity market at the CEPSI Exhibition and Conference from Nov. 6-10, 2006, in Mumbai, India.

At CEPSI, AREVA T&D highlighted its second-generation FKG1 generator circuit breaker that enhances the stability and reliability of power plants, ensuring the availability of electricity flows. It also showcased its developments in the field of monitored high-voltage live tank circuit breakers from 245 kV to 800 kV. AREVA T&D’s new 800 kV GL318 circuit breaker, manufactured in India, meets GOST and IEC 62271-100 Class M2 and C2 certifications and is perfectly adapted to the Indian and Chinese extra high-voltage transmission grids. Integrated with AREVA T&D’s CBWatch-2 monitoring system, the circuit breaker’s availability is increased while maintenance costs are reduced.

As a specialist in the extra high-voltage field, AREVA T&D also presented its 765 kV instrument transformers and line traps that have been KEMA-tested and that meet the most rigorous international standards such as the IEC 60353.

Also on show was the PACiS substation automation system integrated with IEC 61850 certified MiCOM relays for real 765 kV application, providing a solution for substation protection, monitoring, recording and control.

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