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Areva Enhances Micom Numerical Overcurrent Protection

Areva T&D's latest software version, including major enhancements, is now available in the MiCOM P12x range of numerical overcurrent protection.

For many years, the MiCOM P12x range of numerical overcurrent protection has offered a cost-effective solution for MV feeders and HV backup protection. Because of the new v11 software, based on phase II hardware, MiCOM P12x is now more powerful, more flexible and more reliable.

Evolutions in v11 software include:

  • eight independent Boolean logic equations (NOT, AND & OR) with up to 16 parameters each
  • Multi-assignable digital inputs which can also be mapped to any output contact
  • DNP3 protocol implementation
  • Boosted records capability with 250 events and 25 fault records
  • Time synchronization through a digital input
  • Inrush blocking function
  • Under/over frequency protection (81U/O) in P127
  • Three phase overpower protection (32) in P127

The MiCOM P12x protection range still incorporates the following features:

  • Front EIA 232 communication port on all MiCOM P12x to download or upload setting files with MiCOM S1
  • Output contact relays with improved dielectric withstand and breaking capacity
  • A non-volatile flash memory to store all protection records (disturbance, events and faults)
  • A multi-language Human Machine Interface
  • An extended power supply range from 48 to 250 Vdc/ac
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