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Areva Adds Chinese Interface to Relays

AREVA T&D has announced the availability of a Chinese human-machine interface (HMI) on MiCOM P12x overcurrent and P92x overvoltage and frequency range of relays.

The P12x and P92x are based on the latest digital technology, offering full protection and supervision functions in a reduced case, for use mainly in the industrial and distribution networks. Created with usability in mind, the relays are perfectly designed for these markets.

In addition to the possibility of preparing the configuration files on a computer, the relays can also be fully configured from their front panels, where only the parameters of activated functions are displayed.

With the addition of Chinese, 14 languages are now available on the MiCOM P121/2/3/5/6/7, as on the P921/2/3, ensuring the HMI’s accessibility to all of our end users.

The key P12x and P92x benefits include:

  • Numerous advanced protection and monitoring functions in one device such as:
    • Directional overcurrent and earth fault protection.
    • Circuit breaker monitoring functions to help preventive maintenance.
    • Full set of measurement, metering and recording functions.
    • Various communication protocols.
  • User-friendly and easy-to-set relay.
  • Dual-rated 1 and 5A CTs.
  • Withdrawable case for quick and easy replacement to prevent or minimize interruption of your process.

The graphical HMI is available on the new hardware – Phase 2, which includes these additional features:

  • Extended power supply range.
  • Universal digital inputs with increased immunity against AC disturbance.
  • Hardware and software watchdogs to increase the product’s availability and reliability.
  • Graphical HMI, which offers the possibility to:
    • Display Chinese characters.
    • Switch the HMI language display from Chinese to English (or any other available language.
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