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Annunciator Panel Easily Implements Alarming

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) has released the new, versatile SEL-2523 Annunciator Panel. The new annunciator panel provides an easy and economical means of annunciation in both existing and new applications. Apply the SEL-2523 for many industrial, utility, and commercial uses.

The flexibility of the communications and alarm configuration in this product allows it to be applied with little or no hard-wiring. SEL-2523 Annunciator Panel features include:

  • Flexible Communications: Provides up to four EIA-232 ports or three EIA-232 ports and one EIA-485 port with Modbus RTU, DNP3, MIRRORED BITS, and SEL protocols. All protocols support multiple sessions and simultaneous use. Communications data can aid in triggering and monitoring alarm points.
  • Programmable Logic: Reduce wiring requirements by implementing complex alarms in logic rather than through hard-wiring. Or, eliminate wiring completely and use incoming communications points to control alarms.
  • Sequential Events Recorder: Easily install and analyze operations with timestamped records of the last 1,024 operations of 96 different internal and external events. Select the points needed for an application, and name them according to existing conventions. .
  • Rugged and Reliable Operation: Meets stringent EMC, environmental, and mechanical type tests. Built SEL tough, the SEL-2523 and its hardened internal power supply have a temperature rating of –40° to +85°C and will endure harsh environments trouble free . ACSELERATOR QuickSet® SEL-5030 Software. An interactive remote HMI feature also allows for fast installation, commissioning, troubleshooting, and maintenance.
  • PC Software and HMI: Offers a simple and intuitive user interface for device settings with included
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