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Analysis System Detects Partial Discharge

The detection and monitoring of partial discharges (PD) is of vital importance because PD phenomena often precede an insulation breakdown of high-voltage equipment leading to cost-intensive outages and repairs.

The MPD 600 Partial Discharge Analysis System from Omicron is a high-end, high-precision, modular acquisition and analysis toolkit for detecting, recording, and analyzing partial discharge events in many applications. Its versatility and robustness make the MPD 600 suitable for both laboratory and on-site measurements of partial discharge in any kind of electrical equipment such as transformers, rotating machines and cable systems (including HV and EHV cables).

The system offers complete electrical insulation between individual acquisition units and between acquisition units and the control PC via a fiber optical network. It can provide significant improvement in safety and measurement accuracy during high-voltage setups and elimination of ground loops and thus, reduced interference and higher sensitivity. Fully digital processing uses variable-bandwidth filters (9 kHz - 3 MHz)

It has extremely low system noise and is fully compliant with IEC 60270-2000. The system offers adaptive interference compensation and on-line 3PARD (three-phase amplitude relation diagram). It provides reliable discrimination of different PD sources during 3-phase measurements.

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